Ricardo Santos

agency real estate agent.
brokerage and sales mediation professional.


he joined us in the fall of 2020 when we opened our agency's headquarters and has been part of this journey ever since. he has a degree in agricultural engineering and has been part of the general veterinary department, has been area manager at pescanova and retail account manager at delaviuda.

his results begin to gain the proportion that he is recognized to it. property that he doesn't sell is rare. he is formal, polite and trustworthy with both of his clients: sellers and buyers. he is a professional who sees himself in our philosophy:

our integrity is priceless. it's based on value.

his statement is straightforward. it alludes to the main focus of his objective as a real estate consultant for our agency. there is a clear desire in his modus operandi to know how to be, want to do and improve, continuously.

"It is necessary to give our best to clients who trust our work. The recognition of this effort further underpins the motivation to want to do better."

Ricardo SantosReal Estate Agent

therefore, welcome to this way of being. to owe. to feel. feel free to be as you are. share your ambition. your motivation. get ready for a new experience. real estate design thinking, for us, and for Ricardo, is giving us the opportunity to say that we communicate real estate.