Lídia Davim

agency real estate agent.
brokerage and sales mediation professional.


she joined us at the very beginning of this walk. added maturity and experience to our sales force. she is, and continues to be, administrative at the parish council of louriçal and has already been a consultant at remax. it works in the geographic market of several municipalities with a focus on the Pombal market, where she has a huge reputation and all its qualitative attributes are recognized.

her results are impressive. a property that she doesn't sell is rare. bets on a enormous proximity and trust with the sellers and buyers. she sets the rules and sticks to them. understands, absorbs and communicates on a daily basis our philosophy:

our integrity is priceless. it's based on value.

her statement is simple. it alludes to the main focus of her objective as a real estate consultant for our agency. there is a lucidity in its modus operandi of knowing how to be, wanting to do and doing well.

"When it comes to commitment, effort and dedication, there is no middle ground. Either you do something well or you don't."

Lídia DavimReal Estate Agent

therefore, welcome to this way of being. to owe. to feel. feel free to be as you are. share your ambition. your motivation. get ready for a new experience. real estate design thinking, for us, and for Lídia, is giving us the opportunity to say that we communicate real estate.