Pregaria do Bairro is getting ready.

AreaMais Jul 24th 2021

B R A N D I N G . F O R . A . S T E A K H O U S E

"We mediated the property and created the Pregaria do Bairro. Brand and content for an iconic property in Bairro Novo in Figueira da Foz, where mediation and communication could only come from our Agency."

Luís Relvão Cardoso, brokerBranding Campaign - Pregaria do Bairro

Brand activation content for Pregaria do Bairro social media campaigns. Its main objective is to - explore the axis that it is preparing for - and that the opening is gonna be soon. It gives notoriety and visibility to the brand.
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Credits: 2021 © AreaMais | Video editing & copy: Luís Relvão Cardoso | Music licenced for advertising

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