Prédio da Quinta do Paço.

AreaMais Jun 28th 2023

P R O P E R T Y . S O L D

"Building composed of two autonomous fractions: a T2 apartment and a commercial space (convertible for housing as well). Excellent investment for rehabilitation for re-sale or for the rental market. Mark your visit!"

RICARDO SANTOSAgency's Real Estate Agent.

At Quinta do Paço, Figueira da Foz.

Prédio da Quinta do Paço is a property to consider for different types of real estate investment. It is a building located on a plot of land with 151.20m², consisting of two autonomous fractions, which allows the individual resale of each fraction, with the basement and ground floor being the autonomous fraction for services and/or commerce and the first floor for housing.
It has about 200m² of gross construction area, and it is possible to reverse the allocation of the autonomous fraction of services and/or commerce to housing. That is, the building can become a building consisting of two autonomous fractions intended for housing. Currently, it already has a T2 house on the first floor with 96.40m². The building already has natural gas.

Fraction of the first floor, Apartment T2.

Apartment with living room with balcony, kitchen, two bedrooms with balcony, a bathroom, access to the common patio and a garage. It has window frames with double glazing and central heating, and the rooms already have a floating floor and the other rooms have ceramic floors.

Fraction of the Commercial Establishment.

The commercial space, which is currently spread over two floors, has a toilet, a technical area for or from the kitchen, generous storage in the basement with access from the interior and also has access to the common patio of the building. The entrance is made through the main elevation next to the door of the T2 apartment.

Consult the current plan of the property.

You can download the current plans clicking here.
Prédio da Quinta do Paço was sold in the first weeks of sales. The specificity of the property and the excellence of its location were decisive for buyer customers. Another excellent job by our Agency and Consultants Ricardo Santos and Rita Soares.
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