New Agency in Coimbra.

AreaMais May 18th 2024

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"Our company is 20 years old and the AreaMais brand is 6 years old. After a successful strategy of penetration and consolidation of position in the Figueira da Foz real estate market; The time has come to grow. A new real estate network will be born. Our."

Luís Relvão CardosoCeo & Broker

The new AreaMais Agency in Coimbra will open in the Vale das Flores.

This is how the Franchising of our brand was born. Soon, we will arrive in the city of Coimbra. The new commercial company that contracted our franchise chose the Vale das Flores area, next to Leroy Merlin, to open our second AreaMais Agency. All agencies are and will be autonomous and independent management. Now working as a network, our marketplace increases and the reality of cross-selling opportunities increases as well. The rigor, professionalism, brio and visual quality of and how we do it; remain unchanged. This is growth that was expected, sustainable and previously planned. By 2026 there is a well-defined marketing objective: the opening of two more Franchise Agencies.
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Future address of AreaMais de Coimbra | Av. Mendes Silva 15, Vale das Flores, 3030-193 Coimbra.

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